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Salma de Nora
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Salma de Nora started her career as an actress theaters. The experiences she made there were very important and influenced her decision to play in movies later in her life. Her first professional role was being a nude double for Hannelore Elsner in a german TV production with the title "Ich leih dir meinen Mann". She went to Germany in the year 2003 and started to work as a nude model.
When Salma visited the german porn convention "Venus" in Berlin she got a profitable offer and so she decided to switch into the porn business. She gained reputation beyond german borders and now has become famous all over europe.
In 2006 she won numerous awards for example at the "Seda Mallorca: Best Actress Of Spain", "Extasia Schweiz: Best Actress Of Spain", "Brüssel Festival: Best Actress Of Spain". In the year 2007 her success kept solid and so she received even more awards like the "Venus Award Berlin: Most Successful Actress In Europe", "Expo Sex Madrid: Best Actress Of Spain" and in 2008 "FICEB Award: Mejor Actriz,Best Spanish Actress in The Resolution"
We will see much more from the successful spanish beauty, thats for sure.
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