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Maria Mia
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Maria Mia, was born in September 1980, in Berlin (GER). After school she finished her career training and became a retail saleswoman at a gas station.
Beside of her job she posed for several erotic magazines like the "Blitz Illu" and "Coupé". She was fascinated by the porn industry since she visited the sex convention Venus for the first time in the year 2003. Maria applied for a job for several german producers played in her first movie for the label "Magma" and "Inflagranti". In short time she became one of the most demanded stars in the porn business.
"Inflagranti" nominated the beautiful girl Maria as the "Best Newcomer" at the Venus 2006. Maria was awarded in the year 2009 for her versatility in front of the camera as the "Best Crossover Star". She convinces with her passionate performance in porn movies and also acted as a moderator for the "Sexy Sportquiz" for the german TV channel DSF and as a guest star in the erotic soap opera "Gute Mädchen, böse Mädchen" (Beate Uhse TV). Maria always proofs how talented she is and so it's no surprise that she is one of the most frequently booked live acts in Germany.
Maria always energizes the audience whether she is alone or together with other popular stars like Jana Bach, Sharon Da Vale or Vivian Schmitt.
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